Rooster Strategic Solutions, LLC, is a boutique consultancy focused on agriculture marketing strategy. We work with a number of large ag advertisers, publications, retailers and farmers to help our clients meet their strategic goals.

Josh Turney

Josh Turney


Josh is a consultant and marketer specializing in agricultural issues, production, policy and sustainability. 


  • Helping clients be competitive & successful.
  • Developing products & tools that engage.
  • Working with clients to use data to fuel strategy.
  • Anticipatory Thinking/Flash Foresight
James Arnold

James Arnold

Chief Digital Officer

James is a digital consultant specializing in agriculture, closing the knowledge gaps that are barriers for brands, agencies and publishers.


  • Digital capabilities within food and agriculture.
  • Knowing the latest movements in digital.
  • Hands-on experience with the tools.
  • Communicating clearly a highly technical field.
Chandler Bruns

Chandler Bruns

Social Media Manager

Chandler is a social media manager and consultant specializing in agriculture.


  • Social media platforms and management tools.
  • Creativity through copywriting and visual intelligence.
  • Developing marketing strategies through industry metrics.
  • Communicating and strategic planning.
Sue Lee

Sue Lee

Senior Account Strategist

Agricultural communications was Sue Lee’s education path, and she has stayed on that farm-lined path her entire career. Her outstanding people skills combined with years of marketing experience supports her strong abilities in advertising sales, advertising, business-to-business (B2B), marketing strategy, and marketing.


  • Aggressive client advocate and solver of sales and marketing challenges
  • In-depth and deeply historical agricultural media knowledge
  • A doer, a thinker but also a willing trainer and leader
Pat Reese

Pat Reese

Chief Media Strategist

Pat is a media strategist with a passion for media and agriculture and putting the pieces of the media puzzle together to achieve a targeted integrated communication plan that always put the account’s interests first.


  • Integrated media strategy to reach agricultural, rural, urban and food
  • Follow and trend media usage and adoption of new outreach mediums
  • Great working partnerships across all mediums with vendors

About Us

We are a consulting and marketing company specializing in agricultural issues, production, policy and sustainability. Rooster Strategic Solutions, LLC, offers strategic consulting, sustainability and agronomic expertise, media strategy, communications, digital and data-driven services.


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