Rooster Strategic Solutions, LLC, is a boutique consultancy focused on agriculture marketing strategy. We work with a number of large ag advertisers, publications, retailers and farmers to help our clients meet their strategic goals.

Josh Turney

Josh Turney


Josh is a consultant and marketer specializing in agricultural issues, production, policy and sustainability. 


  • Helping clients be competitive & successful.
  • Developing products & tools that engage.
  • Working with clients to use data to fuel strategy.
  • Anticipatory Thinking/Flash Foresight
James Arnold

James Arnold

Chief Digital Officer

James is a digital consultant specializing in agriculture, closing the knowledge gaps that are barriers for brands, agencies and publishers.


  • Digital capabilities within food and agriculture.
  • Knowing the latest movements in digital.
  • Hands-on experience with the tools.
  • Communicating clearly a highly technical field.
Blair Bruns

Blair Bruns

Account Executive

Blair is an account executive specializing in agriculture.


  • Experienced account manager with deep roots in agriculture.
  • Strong understanding and global perspective of agriculture.
  • Bold and creative thought-leader.
  • High-energy personality.
Chandler Bruns

Chandler Bruns

Social Media Manager

Chandler is a social media manager and consultant specializing in agriculture.


  • Social media platforms and management tools.
  • Creativity through copywriting and visual intelligence.
  • Developing marketing strategies through industry metrics.
  • Communicating and strategic planning.
Andrea Gillmar

Andrea Gillmar

Project Manager

Andrea is a project manager specializing in event planning and trade show logistics

  • Planning, organizing, and implementing logistics for trade show exhibition and special events
  • Coordinating various marketing campaigns and database management
  • Building strong team and client relationships
Tom Hall

Tom Hall

Senior Agronomist

Tom retired from Monsanto as western agronomy lead. Prior to that he managed stewardship and sustainability issues at CropLife America and the American Society of Agronomy.

  • Providing agronomy education from basic crop and soil management to advanced concepts like managing resistant weeds and insects
  • Sustainably protecting water and soil resources using no till, cover crops, and precision tools.
  • Expert in regulatory issues managing fertility in regulated watersheds like the Chesapeake Bay.
Sue Lee

Sue Lee

Senior Account Strategist

Agricultural communications was Sue Lee’s education path, and she has stayed on that farm-lined path her entire career. Her outstanding people skills combined with years of marketing experience supports her strong abilities in advertising sales, advertising, business-to-business (B2B), marketing strategy, and marketing.


  • Aggressive client advocate and solver of sales and marketing challenges
  • In-depth and deeply historical agricultural media knowledge
  • A doer, a thinker but also a willing trainer and leader
David Pauli

David Pauli

Chief Content Officer

Pauli’s career at John Deere involved work on every agricultural product line, including large and small tractors, combines, planters and drills. He retired as the company’s manager of production and precision ag communications in December, 2018. Prior to Deere, Pauli worked for the USDA Soil Conservation Service after earning a B.A. degree in public relations at Illinois State University and a Masters degree in journalism from the University of Illinois.


  • Decades of experience with ag equipment and precision ag tech
  • Skilled in promotional/technical/editorial writing
  • Marketing and advertising plan creation
Karen Pfautsch

Karen Pfautsch

Chief Client Strategist

Karen is a marketing communications strategist focused in agriculture, working closely with clients to help them plan and implement programs that achieve their goals.


  • Pragmatic leader and consultant

  • Facilitator and team-builder

  • Communicator passionate about agriculture

  • Client advocate and partner

Pat Reese

Pat Reese

Chief Media Strategist

Pat is a media strategist with a passion for media and agriculture and putting the pieces of the media puzzle together to achieve a targeted integrated communication plan that always put the account’s interests first.


  • Integrated media strategy to reach agricultural, rural, urban and food
  • Follow and trend media usage and adoption of new outreach mediums
  • Great working partnerships across all mediums with vendors

About Us

We are a consulting and marketing company specializing in agricultural issues, production, policy and sustainability. Rooster Strategic Solutions, LLC, offers strategic consulting, sustainability and agronomic expertise, media strategy, communications, digital and data-driven services.


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