The Rooster Cast, a micro podcast focused on digital marketing and sales for the agricultural industry, launched its 100th episode on June 2, 2020 — hitting the milestone in 12 months after launching in mid-May, 2019. The 100 episodes have combined to earn more than 55,000 listens.

“The Rooster Cast is designed to educate and entertain other digital sales and marketing professionals,” says James Arnold, Rooster Strategic Solutions’ chief digital officer and host of The Rooster Cast. “Audience participation and response have been gratifying, which always inspires me to do the next episode.”

The Rooster Cast covers a range of topics, from fraud and programmatic advertising, to social media and marketing analytics. The top 10 episodes to date based on number of listens:

Ep. 11 – Battling Fraud
Ep. 13 – OTT and Fraud
Ep. 88 – The Click
Ep. 9 – Decisioning engines
Ep. 8 – 2019 Internet Trends
Ep. 55 – 2020 Digital Marketing Outlook
Ep. 3 – More data
Ep. 16 – Measurement
Ep. 97 – That Was A Mistake
Ep. 22 – Programmatic In Agriculture

The Rooster Cast is available on Alexa, Google Home and most podcast-listening apps. You can also access all 100 episodes on the Rooster Strategic Solutions website:

Rooster Strategic Solutions is a consultancy firm serving companies in food and agriculture. Based in Clinton, Ill., the firm has other satellite offices in Kansas, Virginia, Missouri, Illinois, Georgia and Tennessee.