This is the 150th episode of The Rooster Cast, a product I started back in May 2019 as a test of Witlingo’s smart-speaker enabled technology and then a test of podcasting platforms. I expected to do 10 and then hang it up.

When it started, you could hear The Rooster Cast through your Alexa Flash Briefing or Google Home’s News. But back in 2019, podcast tools were plentiful but quite disconnected. So, I endeavored to weave together as many of the podcast search platforms as possible to test awareness capabilities.

This microcast has earned more than 85,000 listens, somehow, and averages 573 per episode. Thank you. I’m surprised it is that high and that there are even 50 people who find these interesting. I’ll keep up the pressure on digital marketing with a lean toward agriculture and agri-marketing.

The Rooster Cast at 150