There are few industries better suited to swim as sharks when blood is in the water than digital marketing and sales. After all, it’s so driven by technology and imitation has long been a driving force for innovation in it.

That’s why when TikTok was threatened to be banned in the U.S., which I didn’t actually think would ever happen, and TikTok was banned in Pakistan, which I had assumed had already happened, the alternatives came out of the woodwork in record setting fashion.

Facebook’s Lasso tanked. Instagram Reels came out fast in August and then quickly fizzled. YouTube shorts is new and interesting.

Likee, Byte, Triller, Dubsmash and Zynn were all playing in the pool and hoping to jump into TikTok’s place. Triller even plans to go public in short order, which may or may not help its cause.

There’s also Lomotif, Funimate, Kwai and Firework but those seem too far from the lead to make a splash.

The TikTok Challengers