I have an extreme dislike for the QR Code built on a robustly poor history. QR Codes contains a number of things I hate for digital sales and marketing tactics.

They have a history of terrible user experience with users scrambling to download some app somewhere that may or may not recognize the code. Then, when they are actually recognized, the follow through information was almost always below expectations.

The code itself is interesting and cool to a technophile but looks like a digitized smudge to the unsure. Easily dismissed by technophobes.

In the COVID world, we’re seeing QR codes return. The user experience is better for sure. Whether it is at restaurants showing their touchless menus or app vendors trying to quicken the search process AND other implementations, QR code use is growing again. As many as 11 million U.S. households will use a QR code sometime this year, which is 25 percent growth rate.

QR Codes are Back in Style