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Agriculture 101

Few professional business people today have had the benefit – and privilege – of growing up on a farm. This is true in private and public industry, in government and, increasingly, within the agricultural sector itself. Coming to grips with the complexity and intricacies of the agricultural marketplace can be daunting to those raised in the nation’s cities and suburbs. Let us serve as translators.


Classical Public Relations

Providing meaningful public relations support is equal parts art and science. We know how to balance the two in a way that adds credibility to your messaging, whether product-, initiative- or issue-driven. Never, ever underestimate the power of editorial coverage and third-party endorsements.

Crisis Management

It’s a mean world out there. Fires break out that must be contained and extinguished. No matter how buttoned up your marketing plan may be, things can quickly go awry when unexpected fire comes from unanticipated directions. Look at us as your rapid-response team, ready for deployment when the need arises.


Media Relations

We speak the unique language the media understands. We know what they do and do not want for their reporting. We know how to craft a story angle that will get their attention. How to meet their deadlines. It’s no coincidence that we’re on a first-name basis with many of the nation’s top agricultural editors and broadcasters.

Product Publicity

Creating awareness for a new product, technology or service is about so much more than sending out a press release. There are many other ways to shine a spotlight on whatever it is you’re pushing or needing to accomplish. Rest assured – we have the product-as-hero thing down pat.

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About Us

We are a consulting and marketing company specializing in agricultural issues, production, policy and sustainability. Rooster Strategic Solutions, LLC, offers strategic consulting, sustainability and agronomic expertise, media strategy, communications, digital and data-driven services.


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