The midterms are right around the corner, see which social media platforms you will (and won’t) see political ads. R … Know what a VTuber is? It might be easier for brands to execute than creating their own influencer. R … Video is the key focus for Instagram right now, and a new report shows that Reels are generating the most reach. R … Instagram is now allowing users to share posts and locations through QR codes. R … Snap lays off 20 percent of its staff. R … Ads lead the way in revenue, and it hasn’t been strong enough. R … You will miss out on tactical opportunities if you don’t check out the latest guidance from TikTok. R … The edit button is finally here … for some. R … If Twitter increases efforts around podcasting, will it help? R … Google is working on ways to include tweets in its search results. R … Twitter is testing more CTA links for professional accounts. R … What should I write and how much should I write? Check the competition. R … The new content homepage isn’t a site or a social platform — it’s your inbox. R … Creator content shouldn’t be measured like a social media post. R … Should you start a blog, a podcast or what? R … The first thing you should address in any content is your target audience. R … Is your content readable? You don’t have to fly blind on the answer. R … 11 tips to improve and refine your SEO strategy. R … Google is testing out a new way to display tweets on a given subject within search results. R … Sometimes, your page won’t index in Google. “Just because it exists doesn’t mean it’s useful to users,” Google Search advocate John Mueller. R … An increasing number of YouTube viewers are watching videos at faster playback speeds. R … How are your videos holding up at slightly faster playback speeds? You need to know. R … Twitter will soon incorporate podcast access into its audio tab. R … YouTube is taking its next steps into podcast hosting. R … What are the steps to creating a podcast series? Here are a few considerations. RAdobe/Marketo, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Zoho top the list of Marketing Automation solutions. R .. Whether you want content help, video editing assistance or transcription support, let these AI solutions assist. R

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