The chart above shows the mess that is email marketing. We still batch and blast and wonder why people don’t engage. R … Engagement is the challenge? C’mon, folks. It’s not that hard. R … An exhaustive list of great competitive insights to know … but no explanation of how to gain these insights. R … Marketing automation is not just centered on email. R … Influencers are expensive, just for awareness and not a B2B marketing tool. WRONG. R … The influencer train has left the station. You need to catch up. R … Influencers enhance consumer engagement and, ultimately, make them more likely to purchase. R …  Are you tracking the right social metrics? Here’s a breakdown of key metrics you should track. R … The fight over freedom of speech and content moderation by the platforms is heating up in California. R … Meta has released a guide on the data/privacy changes and how to work around them as marketers. R … Reels are struggling against TikTok. R … A re-post feature is being testing for the main Instagram feed. R … Also being tested is a way to add topics to your Reels, to help better categorize their clips. R … Here are some inspiring examples for your next set of Reels … for reals. R … When your best audience has the least opportunity to keep you in business. That’s Snap’s problem. R … TikTok continues its meteoric rise, leaving Instagram and Facebook behind. R … Want to learn more about your target TikTok audience, check out their research tool TikTok’s Insights. R Twitter adds LinkedIn and WhatsApp sharing buttons to facilitate broader tweet engagement. R … A look into the mind of a Twitter poster — 83 percent of people on Twitter tweet about news. R … For what it’s worth, most shareholders support the sale to Elon Musk. R

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