Not many marketers are confident in their ability to evaluate the ROI of social media. R … Short-form video will remain a big deal in 2022. R … The C-level still has to have a thought-leading and human connection to nail social. R … Business success in social starts with a plan that involves a conversation, not just another distribution method. R … Ad Strategies would create an automation approach with less setup work. R … Searching in Instagram looks at the terms, guesses at your intent and then boosts results with greater popularity. R … Out with Stories and in with an audio/live event offering. R … Business pages can now have longer form materials, and likely gain the benefit of hosting the content in the walls of LinkedIn. R … U.S. politicians tried to end TikTok a few months ago. Now, they are using it to reach new constituents. R … The EU is looking into TikTok’s data practices, specifically for children. R … Catch up with this Twitter Spaces primer. R … The off and on verification process is on again, for the moment. R .. The top categories for SEO are keyword research, on-page optimizations and analytics. R … Don’t just target a keyword. Think about the user’s intent when searching that term. R … Are you dominant in search? There’s a calculation that can tell you. R … Google has made a number of changes over the summer. R … Don’t think that your site design and theme won’t affect your SEO. R … You can code yourself into a poor SEO experience. R … I love this infographic on content optimization because it starts with be agile. To be agile, you have to be paying attention, which is so often and easily forgotten. R … Have you considered a Digital Asset Management software? There are some real benefits for you. R … Clickbait isn’t going away, and the fault is in the hands of the publishers earning the revenue from it. R … Focus on your customer, not your product or service. R … You have to have a planned cadence for content and have an outbound promotion strategy. R … Choosing content pillars is a challenge but success here offers cascading success. R … Forging alliances with your premium publishers for direct-buy campaigns is the growing trend amid the cookiepocalypse. R … The post cookie world still looks like first party data, alternative IDs, context and whatever Google comes up with. R … Programmatic is not about display. It can include any and all media. The next one to explode should be out of home. R … Are you ready for your moment? You have to be prepared and have some humorous talent on hand to pull it off. R … The pandemic fueled further shifts to mobile, changed event-based lead gen and stifled innovation. R