The biggest media jump in the pandemic era is in video. According to recent research, watching movies or funny videos was right behind looking for COVID news and listening to music, for greatest digital media increases during the quarantine. Then there is the massive rise from TikTok to around 24 percent of the U.S. population and more than doubling it’s U.S. footprint since last October.

Fret not about the political and legal issues, YouTube, Facebook video, Twitch and other entities also show skyrocketing usage, which means video should be watched.

The excuses for not doing it aren’t terrible:

  • It’s expensive.
  • I don’t have anyone who knows how to produce it well.
  • I have no natural talent in-house.
  • I don’t have a very visual brand or product.

Don’t miss out on video killing the display star. Everyone can try these types: Demos, expert interviews, how-to, explainers, case studies, live.

And don’t over-produce. Just give it some thought, possibly script it, and mitigate lighting and sound issues. Beyond that, do it, test it and learn.

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