As consumer trends ebb and flow, you aren’t powerless to know what you need to know. Social listening tools allow you to monitor as it is happening. R … TikTok is up in Canada while all of the other social platforms are down in use. R … Influence work continues to impress the marketers using it. R … Up your content game with these ideas. R … Stories videos will no longer be clipped at 15 seconds if it is 60 seconds or less. R … Here are a few Reels tips from Instagram. R … Google may be looking to buy Pinterest. R …  Comment downvotes have arrived. R … What can you know and what do the analytics mean in TikTok? R … Take something new into TikTok or you will not be successful. R … : Twitter is upping its video game substantially. R … YouTube is trying to keep up with the other short providers. It actually has a shot to pace with TikTok. R … Video streaming is primarily a television experience. R … Do you make any of these 15 content marketing mistakes? R … You can’t be successful in content marketing if you don’t define what success looks like and you don’t measure against it. R … Apple is planning to seriously expand its options and volume. R … AI-fueled personalization is a must-have engagement tool. R … Automation and personalization are the trends to follow. R … We have hit the point where AI has become better at human search intent than humans. R … No matter the KPI, run the financial numbers to make sure your SEO approach is worth it. R … With the right tools, you can determine the amount of potential traffic a coordinated SEO-focused program could net you. R … Marketing analytics impacts just over half of marketing decisions. That’s low, folks. R … The state laws don’t align even on the definition of personal data. It’s chaos, and a federal law probably won’t come soon enough. R … There are just too many new data and AI tools to ignore advancements in marketing technology. R … Strategy starts with your desired audience. R

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