Be Real: What is Be Real like? Here’s some detail for you. R … Instagram launches live test of native post scheduling in app. R …  Apple is trying to take a cut of boosted postings that show up in iOS, calling it an in-app purchase. R … Meanwhile, Meta revenues are down. R … Meta shares new insights to improve ad performance. R … Meta has a new tool that lets brands search Facebook and Instagram for stolen content. R … The Metaverse has to succeed. There is too much money riding on it. R … But it’s not succeeding. R … TikTok announces new partnership with Linktree to facilitate more referral traffic directly from a user’s TikTok profile. R … Advance your TikTok marketing prowess through TikTok Academy. R … Elon Musk, aka Chief Twit, visits Twitter headquarters ahead of his takeover. R … Musk says Twitter has enormous potential and “I will unlock it.” R  … Let the firings commence. R … YouTube announces a range of visual tweaks and UI changes. R … YouTube’s revenues decreased year-over-year. R … YouTube rolls out host-read video ads for podcasts. R … Launching a new website? Here are tips to get your site indexed before you go live. R … Ready to do an end of year content audit? Here’s a step-by-step guide. R“Some lawmakers would like to see ALL personalized advertising made illegal, down to keyword-based tactics like paid search.” YIKES! R … Amazon is advancing its ad options. R … Your burned-out email list is holding you back. R … Email accessibility: are you leaving anyone out? R … Can email be used to boost SEO? Guess so. R

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