The hot new social app popular with Gen Z, has racked up millions of downloads, but few are using the app daily. R … Add me to your Be Real at … Business pages have expanded. You probably need to optimize yours now. R … 10 reasons your Facebook ads may not be running and how to fix. R … Facebook is testing ways to enhance creator offerings, they’re testing a ‘subscribers only’ post feature. R … Meta announced it’s increasing its ad load on Instagram with the launch of two new ad slots. R … Instagram expands test of multiple links in user bios. R … Facebook is adding ways for users to signal what content they want to see more of. R … Just 16% of Snapchat’s user base is over the age of 35, they’re looking for way to attract an older crowd. R … In a recent review, TikTok saw a rise in fake accounts. R … TikTok now takes a page from Instagram, bringing a photo feature to the app. R … TikTok has taken on social media. Can they next take on Amazon? R… I got my first Tik Tok Now notification last night. The BeReal clone puts TikTok in the copycat seat for a change. R … What changes at Twitter if Elon Musk takes over? R … Twitter launched a public test of a new ‘views’ count to better highlight a tweet’s reach. R … Twitter faces big brand advertisers boycott due to failures to police child abuse material. R … Twitter is taking a page from TikTok and leaning into video trends. R … Remember Facebook status updates? Twitter is going to have those soon too. R … YouTube is adding a very social media-like thing in its “@handles”. R …  Marketing without strategy is death in the content world.RMore transparency in the data is needed on the CTV part of programmatic. R … Bloomberg is starting a publishing trend of removing open-market programmatic ad units. R … 5 tips for increasing your email open rate. R … If your SEO tool isn’t quickly informing you on search intent, you are missing an important piece. R … 20 advanced Google search commands you need to know. R … WordPress has unique search challenges and there are specific answers. R … Without SEO efforts, your website won’t be found by the search engines. WRONG. The search engines are actually quite good. SEO work allows you to enhance and make better how you show up there. R … Get really good at this. There are some good certification courses to check out. R … I hope you realize that GA4 is significantly different and won’t be an easy transition for you. R … Ga$ has a number of Google Ad benefits. Here is what you need to know. R … There are answers to the fragmented marketing, sales and customer approaches many B2B companies suffer through. R … Digital is getting more difficult. R … Consumers are spending even less time with ad-supported media. This expands the fragmentation while also making each moment with your audience more important. R … Now 85 percent of marketers are researching new channels. R

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