“When your audience sees your content valuable, you don’t need to convince them to engage with it. They’ll just do it,” Mari Smith. R … Grandstanding, headline grabbing politicians targeted SnapChat, YouTube and TikTok this week. Heavy on threats. R … At least on Instagram, most of the influencers are not living up to industry standards for disclosure. R … It is easy to get lost in Clubhouse but they are trying to help with pinned links. R … Facebook is changing its name to Meta. R … For the latest from the quite humerous Twitterverse on this, check out the hashtag #metaverse … Apple’s privacy changes in iOS 14 have hit Facebook hard in the pocket book, and Facebook is not being quiet about it. R … Q3 wasn’t great and Q4 looks like a fail as well. R … Facebook is losing the younger audience. R … But it’s still scalable and effective when reaching them in the short-term. R … Facebook launched Reels in the U.S. this month. R … Need some Snap basics? Check this out. R … The struggle with jumping into TikTok marketing has been the tone deaf nature of brands. Know the environment. Know the options. R … Twitter is going to be testing ways to deliver more ads. That means, we need to be monitoring our CTRs and engagements, especially if we are paying on a CPM basis. R … Quality content goes beyond expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness, at least from Google’s perspective. R … Co-citation is likely a ranking factor in search. R … SEO in the legal community is fiercely competitive. We can learn some tricks from watching. R … From an SEO standpoint, it doesn’t officially matter if you are embedding or hosting your videos. R … This is a change or news for many of us. R … Understanding your keywords without understanding how searches are using them is inefficient and potentially expensive. R … Dynamic ads in Google can garner you traffic you didn’t even know you could get. R … Creating content for all of the personas within your audience is a huge content challenge.R … The secret to using content to support SEO backlinks is to think about impactful evergreen content — whitepapers, infographics, etc. R … Peppertype.ai promises to automate copywriting. R … Breaking down your content into a modular framework could make you more agile and quicker to deliver. R … Empathy, or thinking about how your audience is processing your information, is pivotal to success. R … The Trade Desk continues to be a darling of Wall Street, which is good news for the future of programmatic. R … Was Google’s AMP initiative a way to control header bidding? That’s what one complainant believes. R … Let Google help make your ads responsive/dynamic. Here is how. R … If you send a lot of email, you probably should go through the BIMI process, if only for brand insurance purposes in email. R … Every email list has inactive members. Don’t write them off. Reengage with miss you, incentives, or feedback email approaches. R … Marketers are on fire for video heading into 2022. R … For all of the noise about CTV and other services, YouTube is the one that allows advertisements and has mass audience. R … I’ve said it before. YouTube is more video search engine than it is social channel, which means you have to optimize it like a search engine. R … The growth of video isn’t waiting for 2022. YouTube ads were the darling of earnings in Q3. R … You want to be innovative in digital? Stand out by understanding the value exchange with your audience, preparing for real-time interaction, cultivating your best partners and knowing more about your customer than anyone else. Simple. R … Personalization is expected and doable. R … Ask the right questions and fitting technology into yuor organization’s ecosystem are keys to innovation through technology. R … Digital marketing can be defined. R .