At least in search volume, corn is way ahead of soybeans in Google Trends data. R .. SEO/SEM tools like SEMRush are very handy for supporting your search initiatives but sometimes you need to go straight to the source — Google Trends. R … and Google Search Console. R … The average CPC is $3.53. R … Primarily, marketers focus on the on-page SEO tactics. But don’t forget about the off-page work. R … Have to choose between search and social for your digital approach? Find a new job. R … SEO without an eye on content is stupidity. R … Search needs strategy, your company’s business strategy. R … Check out Marketing Dive’s Trendline on Influencer Marketing for the latest stats and figures. R … Facebook is changing how attribution and analytics work. You need to change, as well, to align with the social powerhouse. R … Facebook keeps riding the bad-PR wave because they have the audience and engagement. R … However, young audiences are leaving in bulk. R … Scheduling and practice mode for live events are coming. R … LinkedIn is done trying to figure out China. R … It’s still flying under the radar from an oversight standpoint. R … The TikTok craze is NOT ebbing. It’s the most downloaded non-gaming app downloaded in September. R .. Soft blocking could become a thing on Twitter. R … There are 575,000 tweets produced each minute. R … In case you are still trying to figure out what a third-party cookie is. R … DoubleVerify is jumping into the contextual targeting game. R … UID 2.0 is getting tested in Canada. R … Are you thinking about all the types of writing you need from content writers? R … Make sure your content people are equipped for the work. Consider how Canva, Trello and Anchor (or comparable software) could help. R … Have you documented your content strategy? R … Content, boosted by video, is going to have a big 2022. R … Content marketing without a thought for SEO impact is short-sighted.  … Customer journeys are important. But how are they best measured? R … Stacking columns on mobile makes for a better reading experience. But you are going to need to add some CSS to make it happen. R … NBCU is forming a new video measurement consortium. R …  YouTube is adding live automatic captioning. R … CTV scale is large enough for B2B to use. R … But then you have to measure it. R