Candidate 1: I’m running for supremacy on the platform that endemic websites offer the best opportunity to reach …

Candidate 2: Wait a minute. You know that programmatic is right message, right audience, right cost.

Candidate 1: I know no such thing. Endemic sites typically know the most about their audience, engage with them at deeper levels …

Candidate 2: Stop. Stop. That old line doesn’t hold water. Layering in the various consumer data sets along with first-party data can take a campaign farther than ever before.

Candidate 1: Endemics offer context and real-time user behavior that is unmatched …

Candidate 2: All of those things never result in improved performance, especially when coupled with the cost.

Candidate 1: What happens when the cookie fully crumbles, Mr. Programmatic?

Candidate 2: I have excellent plans for that. Lots of plans. We’ll be ready.

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