Ag Marketing in the Digital Age (AMiDA) launched this month. The first session on Content Marketing had a great group of speakers, was perfectly set up and then an On24 video-encoding server crashed and the live event was left in a shambles. The on-demand version was rebuilt, is actually quite strong and available for all registrants now.
The programmatic session this past Tuesday was incredible. Great content from the speakers, the technology worked and the audience was riveted all the way until the end.
This next Tuesday, we tackle the Musts and Must Nots in digital marketing, specifically in agriculture. Many of the leaders in ag marketing will offer up their advice on the things we do that we need to stop and the things we don’t do that we need to try. There should be something for everyone, whether you are marketing a brand, helping clients at an agency or a part of a publishing or digital vendor group.
You can still register and gain access to all of the content. Register here.

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