I’ll be honest. I think digital marketing should be exponentially more robust than it is today. The tool sets are fantastic (but there is often a price hindrance). The activities and capabilities are exceptional (but it takes staff to learn and wield the tools well). The analytics can tell you just about everything you could want to know (but the insights are rarely shared with real-time action as the goal).

The set it and forget it mentality that still permeates our world is an affront to all who deeply care about every marketing dollar. The tools, capabilities and metrics change and change quickly. That means, the responsibility we should all feel for keeping us our partners up to speed needs to increase.

Recently, I have see examples where digital plans from last year looked like the plan from the previous year and the year before that. No. No. No. I’ve also heard partners promise digital performance metrics at the end of the campaign (if you want it). No. No. No.

But the toughest one of all is when the tools offered in a given product are wielded peculiarly because the seller just doesn’t understand how it really works. Hopefully this periodic update helps you in those situations. And with that knowledge, you can help others. It’s going to take a team effort.

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