The cloud nature of digital substantially decreases the need for ownership. You don’t need server farms of your own to host a web site. You don’t need to build your own digital tools because so many are plug and play. You don’t need to even have technical staff on hand to do … well, any of it. There’s a partner for just about everything.

That’s a beautiful thing about digital. It’s also a danger.

When you are working with partners in this high-speed, quick turnaround game of digital, don’t skip the important steps of ownership. I’ve seen this produce problems later. The person setting up a Twitter account, for instance, owns substantial control over it. The person setting up the domain or URL usually has the control over it.

This is typically a minor thing until is becomes a major thing. Deaths, firings, and even cordial separations can create problems and become expensive fire alarms down the road.

Look at your important digital assets and ask the question: Do I have total control over this?

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