I spent a few days hearing from notable digital experts at a conference in downtown Kansas City this week. Top take-aways:

  • Brand voice is the new logo, meaning what you say and how you say it from a brand perspective is your personality. You need a memorable/relatable voice.
  • Align your automation process with the customer sales journey and the customers’ needs at the moment.
  • Add QR codes to CTV/OTT ads to hit cross-platform viewers.
  • Google’s “People also ask” is a treasure trove of search ideas.
  • In digital research, aim to learn how the audience feels rather than thinks. You learn more.
  • Social community management is becoming a lost art. Most brands move too slowly and fail to engage, not trusting their staff to carry the message.
  • In marketing and marketing technology, ask the question “What do we most need to enhance the successful sales processes?”

If you want to hear more on any of those topics, let me know.

While most marketers are glad they are doing content marketing, they aren’t ecstatic over performance. R … Many of you are already working on your December content calendar. Here is some inspirational ideas for next month. R … Maybe not everyone is cut out for thought leadership. R … Are you an influencer or just a content creator? There is a difference and embracing those differences will help you succeed. R … A new social media app for high schoolers has dethroned TikTok and BeReal in the app store. R … Instagram is where marketers hope to spend more time in 2023. R … Meta opens up Facebook’s ‘Professional Mode’ to all creators, giving creators similar tools as a Pages for businesses. R … 7 strategies for making the most out of marketing on Meta. R … Meta cuts 11,000 employees. R … Why your brand needs to invest in TikTok. R … A small but growing share of Americans are getting their news on TikTok. R … Tips for understanding the TikTok algorithm. R … Will the new era of Twitter be positive for marketers? We aren’t sure. R … Even if Elon Musk is saying all the right things for marketers. R … Elon Musk outlines new $8 per month Twitter Blue Package, which includes blue check verification. R  …. Whether you man an ecommerce site or not, there are things to learn from users and what earns trust from a site. R … “SEO and content marketing are very much a yin and yang situation. One improves the other and vice versa.” R … You can do SEO testing on your own and gain valuable insights. Here are 8 experiments to try.… The trends point away from Google as the dominate search engine of the future. R … Struggling to index in Google, it’s probably you. R … Optimize your content to achieve both marketing and SEO goals … and then figure out why those are different things. R … SEO metrics rise quickly at first and then slowly. That doesn’t mean the work is done. RYouTube revamps its CTV version of Shorts. R … Ad frequency controls are a much-needed part of the video boom, and YouTube is adding some. R …  So, what is it when my tool tells me I have direct traffic? R … Set up your GA4 now. Get acclimated to what it is telling you later. R … FCC commissioner calls for TikTok ban. R … The privacy legislation is becoming expensive and obnoxious, but it is rooted in what’s right. R … Wait for Web3 to take off and then privacy will look very different. R … Netflix’s ad-supported tier arrives, will marketers make the jump? R … Apple’s entry into the ad game isn’t super smooth. R … For newsletters to be user-friendly and monetized, publishers are going to have to change some things. R

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