Social media influence campaigns are exciting. It’s establishing a relationship that could be mutually beneficial. But like all first dates, they can go bad. R … The cookiepocolypse has pointed brands to collecting more data. 2022, then, should be the year of segmented personalization on social. R … Building a 2022 social media plan? Start by studying your audience and responding to what you learn. R … IndexNow, a protocol meant to communicate when something is updated, will be tested by Google. R … The algorithms in search are powerful but do not take your eyes off of the keywords and key phrases. The AI isn’t quite there yet. R … Disavowing spammy links may make you feel better, but it won’t help you in SEO on its own. R … Exact match domains (like are also not going to improve your Google positioning. R … As usual, Google’s attempt to help has some problems out of the gates. R … If you are planning to build or rebuild a site, think about these 14 essentials in setting up SEO. R … SEO is more than driving traffic. Key business insights can be garnered through SEO work. R … Google’s own keyword planner tool just got an analytics upgrade. R … How do you start in paid search? Here are five decent starter steps. R … Get the content design, user experience and semantic structure right. R