Using Google Analytics for metrics will not help you in search. R … Google Search Console just received an upgraded design. R … Keywords will continue to matter in search in 2022. R … Just like the users Google is trying to help, it reads bolded text as well to decide what a page is about. R … The rapid-fire changes happening in the SEO world almost requires a technology approach to staying ahead of the game. R … Evergreen content pays the greatest dividends but how do you do it right? R … When thinking about whether to focus on SEO or SEM, the answer should almost always be both. R … Google Discovery (for mobile) is a handy tool and something you can plan your content around. R … If you don’t know what Google Discovery is, here you go. R … Social media advertising changes all of the time, but the steps to success remain the same. R … Social is a killer platform for confirming (quickly) many of your internal business assumptions. R .. Batch and blast is a failed effort in email. It’s also failed in social content strategy. R … GenZ is a more concerned with fame and fortune than online privacy. Go GenZ! R … Social media influence is only going to grow in 2022. R