We all employ technology to streamline efforts or offer new capabilities, but it has become increasingly obvious that the technology alone accomplishes nothing.

You need talent, both eager and trained, to syphon every last drip of innovation your tools can produce. That talent also has to understand the business enough to tell you when the tool just isn’t good enough.

Without that talent, you are apt to under-utilize the tech you own, buy more technology than you need and not be ready to move when the industry moves. That’s dangerous.

One tool that Rooster employs in great depth is Brandwatch for social media monitoring. It’s part insurance, in that we are able to see when things happen for the industry or our clients. It’s part offense, because it allows us to watch the competition. But it’s also a fantastic education, allowing us to constantly be monitoring the conversation in U.S. domestic agriculture.

There have been 256,000 relevant mentions tied to U.S. domestic agricultural topics over the past 31 days. Without a tool, it would be a challenge to know there was a spike on Nov. 2 at 8 a.m., the most popular day is Monday, joy is the emotion most prevalent and the top bubble of mentions throughout the day is over lunch. See below:

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