Digital metrics are unemotional pieces of information that can be formulated into magic elixirs or poison draughts, depending on who is wielding them. But we would all agree that the information must be generated, solid and reviewed.

Many turn to Google Analytics or Adobe for basic data. Google, because it is free. Adobe because it is robust. It has been this way for years. But Microsoft is joining the crowd with Clarity. It is a free tool designed with many of the GA pain points in mind.

  • Heatmaps.
  • AI-powered insights
  • Simple code that doesn’t slow site speed.

It shows great promise, other than being birthed from a company that has been stuck in the offline world of Windows and Office and its list of connected failures is long.

No matter which you choose (today or in the future), make sure they are solid (not missing anything or double-counting in places, etc.) and review them on a consistent basis.

Without insuring your information is true and reviewing it often, it’s like a treasure chest that is never discovered or a damsel never rescued.

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