Premium publishers have a crisis on their hands. With print revenues eroding, albeit slower in agriculture, many of them turn to digital for survival. The challenge is that digital isn’t as simple as putting graphically pleasing ink on paper. Premium publishers, therefore, have to be just as relational within their niche audiences while being just as technically proficient as Google, Facebook and Amazon.

It’s an expensive venture for them with every decision having to thrive both in the short term and long term. What does the operation look like? Which digital products will we offer and do well and which are just beyond our capability? Are we ahead or behind the audience adoption curve?

The best way to work with endemic publishers today is to collaborate in a manner mostly unseen in the industry. Bring a marketing problem (or desired outcome) and suggest solutions … then allow the publisher to bring its own experience and knowledge to the issue. Deeper conversations can create better plans, new routes to success and put everyone on the path to success.

Continuing to treat premium publishers as just another vendor, working predominantly with people you like personally rather than those who perform for you, will keep them and marketers running in the exercise wheel to negative outcomes.

Click here to listen to the third installment of Rooster’s Wake-Up Webcast with a round-table discussion with industry veterans Jeff Jackson (Farm Progress) and Courtney Yuskis (Farm Journal). It was a great 40 minutes that would benefit many to hear.

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