SOCIAL: Spruce up your social graphics without graphic design training. R … Social engagement metrics are confusing or flawed, depending on your level of need. R … The top error brands make with influencers is squeezing the budget. R … Social influencers as affiliate marketers? It’s all in the contact structure. R

  • Meta: Reels is getting some feedback tools. R
  • Reddit: A cleaned up Reddit has prospecting opportunities for the right type of site. R
  • SnapChat: New ad formats are coming. R … One of the ads is the first ad people see. R
  • TikTok: Some channels can use expanded Pulse ads. R
  • Twitter: Jack Dorsey isn’t a fan of the Elon Musk-led Twitter. R … Neither is Wired. R … It looks like the API will remain free after all. R

CONTENT MARKETING: Really strong evergreen content is the lifeblood of strong performance marketing. R … The goal of the content marketing should help dictate how often you post. R … Just because you have a blog, doesn’t mean you are providing thought-leadership. R

DATA: Not all data forms a narrative. And not all narratives are supported by ample data research. R

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Want the basics around AI, Generative AI, Machine Learning, etc.? Here you go. R … The pushback on AI is going to be in the data bias and transparency arenas. R … Meanwhile, the engineers are busy creating new applications. R .. .There are limits and even mistakes in ChatGPT. R … Here are a couple of AI image-generators to test. R … Here’s a primer on working with ChatGPT. R … Are the AI executions dreamed about today good or evil? R

SEARCH: Paid search is NOT set it and forget it. R … Generative AI tools will advance search rapidly in 2023, if allowed. R … Automation is available for bidding, creative, audiences and channels. R … Backlinking is work and doesn’t just happen organically. R

EMAIL: You can do more with your prospects to guide them down the path. R

ANALYTICS: So you created an event in GA-4 but it isn’t showing as an event yet. It might be broken and there might be a fix. R

VIDEO: More YouTube Shorts ad options are coming. R … The world of video, including streaming, is on the move right now. R … Video should absolutely be a consideration for content marketing. R … AI gets all of the buzz but short-form video is still a huge trend right now. R … YouTube is primarily a search engine. You must use SEO tactics to be successful. R … Digital video ad spend set to grow by 17 percent in 2023. R

DIGITAL MARKETING: Just because you know how to do everything doesn’t mean that you should be doing everything. R … B2B buyers are getting younger and their expectations are different. R … Sites don’t have to choose between ads vs. subscriptions. A mixture can work. R … Data and automation are our recent past, present and future. R