SOCIAL: The likelihood is that the social media platforms have changed since you established your strategy. Time for a revisit. R

  • Instagram: Third-party stories scheduling? Yes please. R … GIFs in comments, alright. R
  • Meta: Using AI in its ad-targeting approach has increased performance. R … Want to see how Meta is training influencers? R
  • Reddit: There might be opportunities here for publishers that are less .
  • TikTok: Creators using effects have some money to earn. R … The app is set to be banned in Montana by next year. R
  • Twitter: With a new person at the helm, the expansion of Twitter takes center stage (away from Elon Musk). R … And step one seems to be the acquisition of a recruiting startup. R

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Jasper, Postcards and SmartWriter are three AI tools you should check out to help you expand your digital efforts with the support of AI. R … Using AI to access AI? Why not? R … It is where and how you deploy AI that will help navigate the ethics. R … Google’s Bard has made the source material easier to see. R … Here is where informed government can fit into the equation without bowing to ridiculous fears. R … The next iOS update will bring some AI offerings, including voice cloning. R

DATA: If you are tired of spreadsheets to run your business, it’s time for a CRM. R … Which is better in targeting: precise data or quality predictive algorithms? You are both right, but here’s a plea for predictive. R

SEARCH: SEO can’t only be focused on lead capture or it will fizzle. R … Spending just a little extra time will increase the real estate of your ad, and your potential engagements. R … There are many basics to building a site that is SEO-friendly. R … Conversions and other metrics are down slightly in 2023. R … The key to good spying (on competitors) is good intelligence. Your tools may not be providing quality. R … Keyword research can be done on a shoestring budget. R … AI will transform search. It already is. R … SEM is the start but to be effective, it takes optimized content. R

PROGRAMMATIC: It’s not just search. It’s not just display and video. Here are a few ways to optimize Google’s Performance Max. R … And the analysis can be challenging on PMax. R … Supply-path optimization isn’t just about cutting but cutting out poor performers is a part of it. R … Google continues to slow roll on cookie deprecation. R

CONTENT MARKETING: Start with a strong headline, promote it well and focus on the audience need. Those three are a strong start. R … If you are stuck in thought-leadership mode and want to invigorate sales with content, here’s a novel approach: Talk to sales. R

EMAIL: It takes some work but email retargeting is significantly more effective than banner retargeting. R … Email isn’t dead. And the way to do it well hasn’t changed all that much. R

ANALYTICS: UTM ingestion in GA-4 is not the same. Here’s some help for you. R … And here is some more help as it pertains to paid social. R … Want to block internal traffic in your GA-4 account? Here you go. R … Sales, web traffic and engagement are the top metrics marketers want to see. R … There are alternatives to GA-4. You just have to pay for them. R

VIDEO: Quality, control and value are the issues holding programmatic video/TV back. Some of these are misconceptions. R … YouTube is testing out the blocking of ad blockers. R

AUDIO: The podcasting market is mixed on its future. Is it growing? Is it retreating? R … A new study finds daily podcast listeners are more attentive to podcast ads than other ads. R

DIGITAL MARKETING: There are a few really strong and free sources for digital marketing growth. Google, SEMRush, HubSpot, Facebook and Wordstream are worth checking out. R … Or you can just fake it by knowing what these acronyms actually mean. R