Social doesn’t have to drive to commerce. It can cause it.  Here are a few brands doing that well. R … Influencers are a powerful tool for any B2B brand. You just have to work with the right one(s). R … Multiplatform or bust. The fragmentation of media use among audiences demands new actions. R … If you are stuck in a rut on what to post, here are some ideas. R … The Instagram algorithm now points even stronger toward original content, so don’t post your TikTok vid here and expect optimal results. R … It was bound to happen eventually, but Facebook is losing its monopolistic stranglehold on social advertising. R … Remember when Facebook would tell you when friends were nearby? It’s going away. R … Facebook is removing support for Podcasts, only 10 months after launch. R … Metaverse advertising? Not yet but not far away. R … There are between 15,000-25,000 farmers accessing TikTok. R … The fear is over the data. No? OK, the fear is over the real estate of user thought. Or, China. R … One way TikTok is alleviating some fears is to deepen relationship with IAS. R … TikTok publishes new guide to collaborating with creators on ad campaigns R … One pundit believes the new Twitter is more a threat to Facebook than democracy. R … And if Twitter achieves the 200 percent audience growth goal, Facebook should notice. R … Blog posts, social posts, ebooks, videos and more. But what does good look like? R … We will keep pushing the immense value of a content marketing strategy until you all do it. R … Google, Amazon and Facebook are slowing in ad growth, opening up the door to the masses. R … Fraud is rampant in programmatic. Make certain you are making choices that protect your ad dollars. R … Do not keyword stuff on your pages and expect good results. Keyword density is being watched and a high percentage will count against you. R … There are hundreds of things to consider in SEO optimization. Generally, though, it boils down to the meaning of the query, relevance of webpages, quality of content, usability of webpages and context and settings. R … There are some cool changes coming to Google ads. R … WordPress is handy but it is not naturally great with SEO. Here are some actions to take. R … Are you looking at metrics around customer satisfaction? R