The industry is not ready for this one, so you will have to be. R … All of this conversation is about identity, not cookies. R … Here’s some more about Google FLoC? R … Sick of Google? There’s value to be found in Microsoft’s audience network. R … It is possible that privacy isn’t the driver for the cookie problem. R … And Bloomberg thinks there are a few brands that will benefit from the recent privacy-based moves. R … There are more players than Google. R … The rush on first-party data really is a rush on email data. R … Microinfluencers are a less expensive and more relevant approach than many of the major influencers. R … Be aggressive with Instagram hashtags, frugal with Twitter and avoid them on Facebook. R … I know I need to write my next blog entry but I don’t know what to write. Here are some jump-starters. R … There are 5 Ps of storytelling in 2021: People, Place, Pictures, Personal and Platform. R … SEO can be a deep dive into an abyss. But if you start out thinking about the market, your appeal, accessibility and your content, you’re most of the way there. R … To make search work for your business, you have to pull together the data it is feeding back to you. R … Are your competitors buying your branded keywords? Do you know the answer? R … More than half of all web site traffic globally starts from a search result. R … Getting your bearings in a new Google Analytics setup is the first step. Here are 35 steps to take to master the data. R … Are you still confused about the term “Native Advertising”? Simply, it is your content in someone else’s established environment. But, here’s more detail for you. R … And 10 years after native was coined, why is there still confusion about it? R

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