The impact of the third-party cookie on various elements of the industry has been vast. R … In FLoCs, each browser is only ever in a single cohort, although that can change over time as the users’ browsing behavior and content mix changes. R … Why can’t everything in digital marketing and advertising eventually be programmatic? R … If you are managing social media accounts, there are some podcasts of interest for you. R … Fifty-five percent of the world are on at least one social platform. R … Are you covering all of the basics in your content marketing? R … Infographics are powerful but can be daunting to build. There is help. R … When it isn’t going well, you can make a major pivot. But do so strategically. R … Personalization is still a key element in technology purchases. R … When it comes to SEO vs. SEM for lead conversions, SEO is the leader. But the two should not be separated. R … SEO is seriously complex but getting started is simple. Start with evaluating your keywords, optimize your page speeds, optimize your image use and sizing and then just pay attention. R … So your SEO is going really well but devoted mostly to branded terms? Maybe you are missing the point. R… Apple’s iOS 14.5 has propagated out to fewer than 20 percent of users globally so far. R … The UID 2.0 code base is now officially open source. R … The shift to remote work for companies could provide a monitoring challenge. R … If privacy is important to you, use a VPN. R

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