Clicks and impressions still form the cornerstone for many marketers determining campaign success. Partly, this abomination is due to inertia and providers’ inability to successfully offer deeper insights quickly. The McNamara Fallacy applies: “When you can’t measure the things that are important, you make the things you can measure important.”

But, things will not improve without pressure. What is the goal of the digital campaign should guide the metrics ask. Is it reach? Ask how many uniques within the target audience were reached. Is it sales? Tie clicks to a landing page and follow conversions to sales. Is it leads? Combine the two and find out how many of the uniques ultimately converted. Then further use data to profile the leads to determine the quality percentage.

Software providers like NinjaCat, Funnel, TapClicks, Datarama and a host of other analytics and visualization platforms make all of this much simpler. There is no longer any reason to settle for simple spreadsheets from providers. Facebook and Google make these metrics easy to access and that is one of the reasons marketers flock to those platforms. Everyone else needs to step it up quickly.

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