SOCIAL: There are numerous places where you need to optimize your social media approach. Here are eight ways to improve. R … One pundit says 2023 will further separate influencers from Twitter and Facebook. R … Want to increase engagement? Be authentic with your community. R

  • Facebook: Reels has added a few new tools. Check them out here. R … Including lengthening them to 90 seconds. R … Meta is digging into the power of AI through things like chat experiences, image filters and ad formats and video and multi-modal experiences. R … Meta’s focus in 2023 is on artificial intelligence, messaging, creators and monetization. R
  • Instagram: Despite its popularity, Americans would delete the Instagram app more often than any other. R
  • LinkedIn: In a bold move, LinkedIn has launched an AI and expert collaboration engine for content creation. R
  • TikTok: TikTok is a target of U.S. politicians. R … TikTok announced a paywall version for some accounts, hosting videos up to 20 minutes. R
  • Twitter: Continuing the negative trend, Twitter earnings dropped 40 percent in December. R … Twitter experienced some technical issues breaking links and images. R

SEARCH: What are the metrics that matter most in SEO? Organic traffic, landing page metrics and conversions would lead the list. R … SEO and Paid Search have to work in concert. The downside is either inefficient spending or missing potential traffic. R … Maybe you just don’t have all of the tools you need. Here are a few to check out. R … Get your conversion goals set up in GA-4 and tied to your paid search approach. R … AI can benefit SEO. R

CONTENT MARKETING: Microsoft is planning to launch a Canva competitor and early reviews say the AI-enabled tool is a heavy upgrade. R … In the content game, there is building more of the same, building it with a multimedia mentality or curate what others have done. R … Here are some ideas for April content, including April Fool’s Day. R … Here are a few content types you might consider. R … So, plagiarism is out. AI can still help in the content development process. R … There are places where AI is not going to help. R

VIDEO: YouTube overlay ads are going away. R … CTV is a great new space but doing it well requires the usual approach — find your audience, set goals, design messaging around platforms, etc. R … YouTube is the leading app among CTV users. R

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: What’s on your mind? This AI execution was able to show you. R … AI is bringing with it a huge lexicon of new terms. Check out this glossary. R … Here’s a comparison between Google’s Bard and ChatGPT. R … Where can Chat GPT help marketers right now? R … Automated customer service has lagged due to the complexity of need. ChatGPT can help there. R

EMAIL: “The most successful emails aren’t just relevant to the customer, but also anticipate their needs, and offer them something they can’t get anywhere else.” R

AUDIO: The older the audience, the less likely they listen to podcasts. R … Spreaker aims to be the Google AdSense for podcasters. R

DIGITAL MARKETING: Lead nurturing requires a multifaceted approach. Do not skip any of them and expect success. R … When should you expand to a new marketing channel? And when is Google and Facebook just not good enough? R … Google Ads and GA-4 are combining to make some aspects of Google life easier. R