TIKTOK: TikTok has changed how social media is done. R … The majority of marketers are planning to spend more here. R … It is up to 150 million monthly users in the U.S. R … And they all might be upset soon if a ban is enacted. R … The BBC joined the ranks of entities recommending not installing the app. R … TikTok is doing its best to change perspective on the channel. R … And trying to change the conversation in Washington, as well. R … For fans, the charming argument in support is that it isn’t a data-mining engine of the Chinese government. R

SOCIAL: Creativity and agility will lead to success in 2023 social marketing. R … Paid verification meets some level of need for authorized channels. R … All of the layoffs are causing issues with customer service for advertisers. R … If you aren’t using social listening tools, you are likely missing conversations about your brand and not knowing your most influential fans. R

  • Facebook: Remember when Clubhouse launched and sent everyone into a tizzy? Facebook is dumping its audio channels next month. R
  • Instagram: Look for ads to begin popping up in the search results, a positive for advertisers and a likely negative for users. R
  • LinkedIn: The platform is jumping all in on AI, adding AI tools for profile copy and job descriptions. R … AI prompts will also start the conversation on specific articles, as well. R
  • Meta: A “verified” program is going to be offered. R
  • Twitter: Here’s an interesting behind-the-scenes view on Elon Musk’s paring down of Twitter. R … Later this month, the Twitter recommendation code will be made available. R … Users spend more than four hours on Twitter per month. R … More Twitter bugs are being reported, including tweet deletion. R

CONTENT MARKETING: We’ve heard it for years: Personalize, Personalize. Personalize. Personalize what? Here’s a good list. R … Firefly from Adobe is a dive into generative AI. R … A recent study showed that negative terms in headlines increased clicks while positive terms decreased clicks. R … Join the waitlist to try Google’s Bard when it launches. It promises to supercharge your content (or at least give you something to play with for a bit). R

SEARCH: Google launched a March search algorithm update. Check your metrics, as always. R … Why spend time on SEO? Here are some of the basics. R … Working knowledge of SEO is important for new employees. R … The interconnectivity of content in the era of AI is going to be even more important. R … When a desired keyword has both low search volume AND has a below first page Bid, it’s probably time to move on. R

VOICE TECHNOLOGY: Where will voice technology take us in the short-term? As far as the privacy laws allow it. R … As AI pushes the “creepy” line, check out this tool that changes your voice into just about anyone’s. R

AUDIO: YouTube Podcasts has officially launched and is something to be taken seriously. R

VIDEO: Measurement in the wild, wild, west of CTV is still not sorted out. R

PRIVACY: Privacy laws are happening fast, What’s new in 2023? R

EMAIL: The key to good email marketing is considering your audience. R

DIGITAL MARKETING: “People should have a breadth of knowledge across their disciplines and depth of knowledge in one area, making them more valuable to organizations, especially ones continuously adapting their workforces.” R