There are a few ways to look at the latest research on content marketing from SEM Rush. I choose to note that only 9 percent were unsuccessful with content. To me that means, the opportunity is great and the risk is low. R …  I may sound like a broken record on this topic but a content strategy starts with knowing your audience. R … Press for a multi-layered approach to all of your content creations. R … When do you jump at the next shiny tool for digital? When it separates you from the competition on an important element of your business. R … Conversational AI is too complex for many marketers to consider. But mastering it early could give you a leg up. R … Multi-screening is now the norm and TikTok, YouTube and others are key drivers. R … “We can’t approach every community with the same strategy.” R … The American Influencer Council hopes to promote social influence and destigmatize influencers. R … The first rule of YouTube is acknowledging and taking advantage of the fact that it is primarily a search engine for videos. R … If you go it alone in SEO research, despite the availability of tools like SEM Rush and Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer, you might need a proxy server. R … SEO can be easier for some and harder for others based on brand and product names. In those tough instances, you need to change the conversation. R … Featured Snippets in Google can be a powerful goal in SEO. R