Marketers take to social media incorrectly. It is a place for interactivity for people with similar interests. Brands can tap into that but aren’t. R … There is significant benefit to building communities post-pandemic. It takes work. R …  Need help with scheduling posts, building an infographic or watching trends? Here’s a list. R … What social image sizes should you be building in 2022? Here are the ones you need to know. R … Personalization isn’t merely putting someone’s first name in a subject line. It is optimizing every intent-rich moment for your customer. R … Marketing industry to invest more heavily in content this year. R … Should you gate your content or not? Maybe if it is in-depth and you are a proven authority. R … Google’s Universal Analytics will go away in July 2023. R … Google will also stop logging IP addresses. R … Half of all web sites receive 4-6 page views per visit. R … Are you still reading your site analytics and making guesses on what’s working and what isn’t? R … Joel Janovsky took to Twitter to discuss the three keys for good SEO. R … Don’t fight the SEO battles alone. There are some very good tools out there to help. R … The conversation around SEO often stops at driving traffic. But what do you want that traffic to do? Align SEO with your business goals. R … Don’t guess. Use the tools available like SEM Rush, Ahrefs, Moz and others. R .. The USA Today programmatic problem ran for nine months and attempts were made to cover it up. R … 2021 was a budget-up year for digital. R … Google is still at the center point for digital advertising in a post-Cookie world. R … A deal from Google that gave Facebook preferred treatment is now being investigated in the EU and UK. R … Performance Max launched in November and has performed well for marketers. The AI/bid-based tool still needs management for success. R … Publishers can’t compete on volume, but they continue to try. There’s a more quality way to sell. R … Sometimes to improve, you just need inspiration from a number of good emails. Here are a few. R … Success in email takes data, design and effort. R … Email open rates rose 3 percent in 2021, buoyed primarily by Apple’s open-rate-destroying update. R