Google plans to stop using individual browsing histories as a data point in targeting ads. R … And they don’t plan to adopt an email-based option supported by many independents in the industry. R … The cookie was never supposed to be the end-all, be-all for marketers. R … Social media runs fast and furious. Take your eyes off of it, and you risk looking tone deaf. R … A well-manicured Google Alert strategy will let you know when there is a digital reputation problem for your brand or clients. R … Frequency capping is a tool you need to be using in your campaigns. R … Paying publishers to publish your content has a place but it is not going to make up for lack of organic effort. R … Mix up your types of content, focus on all of the types of audiences and how they are thinking about your offerings. R … Be brief. We are all busy! R … The topic of truth came up recently as it relates to digital metrics. It struck me that given the history of digital media and sales, we’re in a tough spot related to truth. R … Virginia is the second state to bring forward a state-based privacy law, but this one has digital industry support. R … Utah is working on its own privacy law. R

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