Whether Google likes it or not, Unified ID isn’t dying just because it has its doubts. R … Are you relevant in your social media channels? To be relevant, be helpful, trustworthy or knowledgeable while providing a distraction and a willingness to connect. R … More than a third of marketers aren’t satisfied with their ability to show ROI with influencers. R … Facebook is offering a business tips video series. R … Tweeting “Memphis” last weekend limited your account due to a security glitch. R … Russia has threatened to block Twitter over banned content response. R … Twitter is going after Clubhouse with its audio-focused Spaces. R … Once you have mastered SEO, you need to master the art of reading your server logs. R .. Most skimp on content, SEO and/or SEM and settle for average or below-average web performance. It takes more work than you are doing right now. R … We’ve become satisfied with underwhelming email open rates. We don’t have to be. R … Work-arounds are coming for the new Apple privacy updates. Will Apple enforce? R … Google’s privacy sandbox is already getting lampooned by privacy advocates. R

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