Now is not the time to panic if you are a premium publisher or a fan of premium publishers. It’s true that the playing field is shifting and smart marketers armed with good technology and optimization strategies can already be successful without paying premium prices.

Facebook, Google/YouTube (and soon Amazon) dominate the digital ad spending and continue to gain ground against the masses of other offerings. The fights against fraud, privacy, viewability and transparency have taken the premium player’s eyes off of the reason for it all — the client.

But it’s not time to panic. It’s time to act.

  • Earn the premium with ever-deepening audience data and insights.
  • Pull the plug on products that earn a premium (now) via inertia but not through performance metrics.
  • Right-size the costs for other products to make the decision to leave the premium option more difficult to make.
  • Get nimble. Move faster. Be at least as good as the cheaper options.

Act now because there’s not much time left. Incidentally, Rooster might be able to help.

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