Censorship or moderation is a hot topic in social and could result in serious changes no matter the way the courts go. R … Elon Musk may halt the purchase of Twitter based on bot accounts. R … Texas AG launches investigation into Twitter’s bots. R … Twitter may comply with Musk’s request. R … We know 15,000-20,000 farmers are on TikTok. What should ag companies do about that? R … TikTok is partnering with Sprout Social, Hootsuite and more third-party content marketing platforms to allow marketers to manager content directly through these integrations. R… SEO is happening whether you optimize it or not. How much to spend on it takes thought. R … SERP is one of many acronyms in search. It might be the most important for you to know. R … “For every 100 milliseconds improvement in search page loading time, eBay saw a 0.5% increase in “Add to Cart” count.” R … Here are a couple of tools to check out: SEO Quake, SEOmator, GTmetrix and a few others. R … There are a number of SEO challenges when your organization is larger. But there are also fixes. R … There’s a new search engine to check out. Yep. R … Video can’t be analyzed like television. Those days are over. R … Check out YouTube’s new Search Analytics. R … The next Apple update promises some SMS benefits. R … The post-pandemic rise of content marketing is not arguable. R … Static content isn’t as engaging as interactive content, like quizzes, infographics (sometimes) and calculators. R … Shadow data lurks in every business. But investigating and finding it could help lead to protecting it as well. R