Looking for riveting content? Maybe you already produced it and an update would make it shine again. R … Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Plan and execute with a long-term mindset. R … Do you get the same questions over and over again? A chatbot can take those questions. R … Almost 70 percent of content strategy direction from team requests, not research/data. R … Marketing with viral in mind can result in huge benefits but it is highly unpredictable. R … Influencer marketing has loads of opportunities for fraud. There are ways to protect yourself. R … Here are some July social content ideas. R … Infographics aren’t the same on each platform. Here are some tips. R .. What if your next social media messaging calendar focused on the audience finding real value in the time they spent reading/enjoying your posts? R … LinkedIn is upping its game on the events side. R … Facebook and Instagram have pushed back on a revenue-sharing model with creators to 2024. R … Instagram is chasing TikTok with a new full-screen experience test. R … The five top trends this hour on TikTok. R … Long-form content is coming to Twitter. R … The Twitter profile page is getting an upgrade to help sales. R Don’t keyword stuff and code your content properly. R …  The difference between the search query and the keywords is intent. Most only think in keywords but you should expand. R … This Atlantic article talks about the demise of Google Search, but it does so with a mindset of search that is about 5 years in the past. R .. You can’t do search without help. And help is provided by SEMRush, ahref, Google Search Console, Ubersuggest and others. R … SEO is powerful but it is NOT about quick fixes. R … DuckDuckGo has stopped growing. R … It’s not your CMS that will increase your search rankings. R … YouTube may be opening up its inventory to outside programmatic vendors. R … Video advertising spend will continue to grow despite the economic woes in the U.S. R … Did you know that half of U.S. views on YouTube are on a mobile device? R … Video’s use is on an extreme rise and nowhere is that more apparent than in mobile device usage. R … YouTube reports that 1.5 billion users now engage with YouTube Shorts each month. R