You know the basics about the upcoming digital marketing changes but what does it really mean? Changes will impact everyone, all of the alternatives will lack the scale we enjoy today, having data without opt-ins will lack value and costs are going to skyrocket. R … The power has been in the hands of Google and Facebook. Will that continue? R … If you thought your IP-based targeting was going to be untouched, Apple is going to make you think again. R … You may have one day have to answer why you programmatically targeted specific individuals in your campaign. Do you trust your data enough for that? R … The dumbing down of the internet experience will spawn a number of lesser attempts. R … Between 5% and 10% of Americans may meet the criteria for social media addiction. R … Launching a content marketing strategy shouldn’t start with your organization shouldering a completely new load. Look to the past, present partners and internal champions to fuel it. R … Content marketing, teamed with SEO and social, is a boost to just about any business. R … Whatever you do, don’t make these mistakes in content marketing. R  … Stuck in the blog/podcast/social world? Break out with polls, ebooks, infographics, videos, chatbots and other options. R … Google is still a Motley Fool buy, which means search has more to offer into the future. R …Changing an article’s date and not making updates to the content will not improve your search relevance. R … WordPress has a number of helpful SEO tools. R … The more you improve your expertise, authority and trustworthiness in Google, the less you have to pay for search success. R … Success in SEO starts with research. R … You may have the boldest and baddest tech stack, but if you aren’t customer centric with its implementation, it’s worthless. R … If you aren’t digging into your analytics, you have blind spots to your marketing program’s success. R