Google is now delaying its third-party cookie phaseout. R … Amazon is a huge player now in programmatic but it’s also not fully understood. R … You think the loss of third-party cookies was a gut punch, wait until the IP address becomes a problem R … The Trade Desk has had a rough time in the market related to the third-party cookie challenges. But Wall Street is no longer spooked. R … Do you need SEO or content first? You need to plan for SEO first and then develop the content to support it. And then learn. R … Does every piece of content point to the next logical audience action or step? It should. R … You just launched your latest blog post. Where is the corresponding ebook, podcast, video, interview, etc. R … Make improving quality and speed a goal for your content this year. R … Stop placing direct revenue as the top goal of content marketing … and a few other things. R … Here’s a calculator that will help determine where you are in SEO, as a marketer, as a company, etc. R … Search has taken on a greater importance over the past year. R … Search vets understand the power of extensions. You should too. R … When you have more than one SEO plan to execute, you need help from calendarization, software and task lists. R … Early wins can be found through support content, like FAQs, which are rich in relevance and terms. R … What are some tactics that would help increase my number of leads? Here are a few ideas. R … Apple is about to muddy the open rate on your emails. R … There’s some work you should do now before this kicks in. R … How can you get the other 80 percent to open your emails? Through re-engagement campaigns. R … How would blending the RFP process with artificial intelligence look? It could be interesting. R … Understanding how to use and maximizing the technology comes from your marketing ops team. Are you training and listening to them? R … Most sites are not performing well against Google’s Core Web Vitals. R … The European Union is going after Google and its ad empire on the heals of a settlement in France. .. When you can pay based on a cost ratio with your key performance indicator, you have won the digital lottery. R … Real-time marketing is possible with strong data, nimble plans and measurement. R … QR codes are on the rise again. This time, they don’t stink. R