Don’t you love trendy content? You know, the top 10 trends in digital marketing in 2020. Those types of articles, highlighting what marketers believe will take off in the next few months. My challenge is figuring out if the author is writing about the PR-supported trends or from first-hand experience. Is it buzz or is it really helpful?

With that in mind, here are my top 5 post-quarantine digital marketing trends for 2020. And it’s not about buzz, it’s about what I see working.

  • Actual impact. The reach and frequency models have led marketers down the path of standard IAB banner sizes. But their impact is even less than a year ago. Seek opportunities where your impressions are seen, not just viewable.
  • Real optimization. Dashboards that tell a real story. Expert assessments and then optimizing on the fly based on performance. Not just saying it, doing it.
  • Working data. Putting demo, behavioral and other data together to make a better audience. Watching to see if that audience responds as it should. Proving the data’s value.
  • Solidifying the basics. Digital marketers are handling user experience on landing pages and sites, managing SEO, SEM, organic and paid search. Getting the always on, always working.
  • Oh, and TikTok. Any trend article has to include it. It’s a rule.

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