The tools of the trade are difficult to assess.

First, there are many tools in marketing technology and their categories grow exponentially, so it’s tough to keep a grasp of the playing field let alone the players.

Second, new tools are launched or bought up all of the time and apparently none of them are particularly great about letting anyone know. Some of it is the in-breeding nature of marketers on the coasts. There are sites that try to help, like TrustRadius and MarTech Series, but often the newest and greatest shine just as brightly as the oldest and awful.

Third, because the tools are often represented by some of the best sales people in the world, they all sound fantastic and are a few releases away from curing cancer and COVID-19. They lie sometimes. Reality is always a different story.

As painful as it sounds, you have to constantly investigate the martech arena or you will fall behind, or worse, keep playing with blocks while your competition’s AI is dissecting your atoms.

Here are a few categories and a few brands to check out. MORE

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