The corporate web site is often a forgotten piece in the marketing/sales strategy. There are a number of earned reasons for this:

  • Web sites are no longer cool and yet still expensive to maintain and update.
  • Site control is often shared between IT, sales/marketing, corporate affairs and other groups, so no internal champion exists.
  • Ecommerce is a rarity in agriculture, so there is usually no direct revenue tied to the ongoing expense.

But the corporate web site remains supremely important and its importance is growing. It is the only 24/7, 365 storefront for your brand. It is the leading hub of all core information for internal and external audiences. It houses the product portfolio you control, showing your best stuff in its best light. And, it offers a wealth of key data points as your constituencies make choices with every click on your various pages.

Do you want more inbound sales without added workload? Are you primed for the digital future where your content will need to seamlessly flow to voice search, AI platforms and any other tech revolutions? How will you differentiate to prospects and work better with your biggest fans?

Through your web site. And if you haven’t made serious upgrades since 2015, it’s time to put a committee together and pronto.

Here are a few more considerations from the ANA: Is the Corporate Website Still Relevant? … Or, read/join the Quora conversation on this topic.

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