I’m often asked what I see as the next technology to take off. Filtering for the audience, I focus my attention on scalable, targetable and engaging from a potential advertising standpoint. If its not scalable, it won’t matter much. If it isn’t targetable, it’s not great for B2B or agriculture. And if it isn’t engaging from a promotional standpoint, the money put toward it benefits only the provider. I’ve seen great tech not pass these standards.

Right now, voice assistants and search meet all of these criteria. Adoption is scaling on a nice growth curve. The content is both targetable and can be engaging. The white board of what advertisers can do here is quite open and I don’t think we have seen the best options yet. It helps that right now there is a low barrier to entry.

Similar to voice assistants and search are AI-infused chatbots. They offer the same interactivity as voice assistants and actually can integrate nicely over time with them. The ability to interject brand-favorable content into an online conversation could be huge. Costs can also be low here.

So what do we do with cryptocurrency, natural language generation, augmented reality, nanotechnology and all of the data and computing advancements? I watch in amazement and wait for them to be scalable, targetable and engaging.

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