More than half of consumers would like to see videos from brands. R … Video leads one trends list for 2021. R … If you want to guide others to help with your organic social media strategy, make sure to include audience persona, language/style, industry terms, brand voice and hashtag usage. R … Whether you are just paranoid for your brand or just want to know if people are talking about you, there are tools to help. R … Before you jump your business into TikTok, have you figured out your WhatsApp play? R … You may already have a load of user data you haven’t tapped, and it is located in the Google Search Console in Google Analytics. R … Are you losing to a bigger competitor? Just be better than them (in places that actually matter). R … Three strikes and your search account can be suspended. R … DSPs have to evolve through automated optimization, more publisher connections and data. R … Next up: Buyer-Seller deals involving buyers and Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs). R … There is help out there for a content strategy. But make sure you know how collaboration works, whether they do the work in-house and whether they understand your business/industry. R … You have heard that it is important to know your audience but do you consider their intent when they land on your content? R … The data is almost as important as the content itself. R … Plan out the process up front so you can optimize over time. R … Turn your best stuff into more powerful content. R … Account-based marketing can be done well and efficiently with content. R … You need a healthy mix of trending and evergreen content. R … Where is that article/image/video, etc.? It should be in your content hub. R … Are we moving into the precision media era of advertising? R … Which comes first among owned, earned and paid digital media? R … When your digital engagement is poor, you need to spend more time and effort on it. R