I only have experience with three of these 10 leaders in MA, which tells me the marketplace is changing rapidly. R … Marketing automation is not just email. R … The first step is getting a single source of truth, according to most marketers. R … There is huge potential in an audience type most of written off — Seller Defined Audiences. The challenge is that it has to be relevant enough to the buyer and also add some unique qualities to make it stand out. R … Don’t go back to contextual targeting in the post-third-party-cookie era? But don’t ignore contextual’s power. R … In-chat ecommerce is becoming a thing. R … Learn how Facebook traffic to publishers has changed. R … Facebook makes most of its money through advertising. R … Groups on Facebook face an Amazon lawsuit centered around fake reviews. R … Video and creators continue to take center stage with Facebook. R … There may soon be a web-based version of SnapChat … for some reason. R … Elon Musk claims bots to make up at least 20 percent of its users. R … And Twitter is suing him and the case will be heard in October. R … Should you buy branded terms or not in paid search? Maybe is the best answer and the competitive data will be your guide. R … Understanding micro-intents can help guide the content you need to be creating to serve them. R … A portion of Gen Z is skipping Google and using TikTok and Instagram in their searching. R … Are your SEO failings a problem of SEO or a problem with the website? R … What metrics matter most in SEO — ranking, traffic, conversions. R … One key source of keyword research comes from your highest-volume pages, especially newer pages. Investigating the terms working there should inform your other work. R … The four pillars of SEO: on-page, off-page, technical and local. R … Every list of best practices in content marketing begins with setting goals. R … Well, this one places it fifth on the list, but it is still in there. R … Content with SEO in mind includes pillar content, cluster content and hyperlinks. R … Three percent will give up their name for content. R … Publishers have their struggles but they know how to disseminate content. Think like them. R … Repurpose the content you already have, please. R