“Data-driven digital advertising has never worked as well as promised.” R … Apple ad buying dropped significantly after privacy changes. R … The Amazon ad inventory is very key now and into the future. R … Now that third-party cookies aren’t the headline, we can look at some of the other aspects of Google’s directional shift, like ridding the industry of ad fraud. R … Instagram and TikTok are lengthening their videos and shrinking the number of times you get to see the people you follow. R … Former president Donald Trump plans to sue Facebook and Twitter over First Amendment issues. R

Use data, including SEO data, and have goals for your strategy. R … Highly technical content has a great deal of SEO and user impact, but how do you judge the marketing ROI or scale it? R … Content marketing is more than an SEO support and long-form blogs. R … Infographics are often expensive and fall short of the story they need to tell. But they are still an impactful content mechanism. R … Can you cheaply determine brand lift from content? It depends. R … Are you thinking even a little about the disinformation possibilities for your brand? R … If you are in a content rut, how about an FAQ, industry trends or a beginner’s guide to X. R … Repurposing old content is so much easier than creating new all of the time. R … It hasn’t taken the world by storm as many, including me, predicted, but voice technology is helping on the farm, the warehouse and other useful spots. R … Connected TV has been “hot” for so long, you might think the growth curve is set to slow. It’s not. R … CTV fraud is dropping but also getting smarter. R … Should your podcast be 20 minutes or 50 minutes? It depends on your content, your audience (and their commute). R …  Google will likely always need help from web sites and SEO. R … Getting the basics right, or even improving what you have after it has been dormant for a while, is reasonably simple. R … How close can you get on the return on ad spend metric? R … Over-analyzing the near-term can make you miss the long-term benefits. R … Google Analytics has flaws. Do you know what you are missing? R