Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that has seemingly been sideswiped in agriculture. Food has a done a consistent job over the years in the vegan, non-GMO, Got Milk? arenas. But agriculture has been slow. Sure, testimonials have been a marketing staple for years but ongoing brand support through robust social vehicles is a powerful opportunity that has been missed.

In some cases, like Philip Shaw (the top influencer in agriculture according to one methodology), publishers have tried to lock them up, knowing that the reciprocal relationship shines positive light everywhere.

It is more than just picking the handle with the highest number of followers. Influence is less about reach and more about engagement. The influencer you are cultivating/hiring has to create real action. That is difficult to judge at scale.

The Peterson Brothers have more than 50 million YouTube views, but would their support drive the next combine purchase? Brian Scott has 13,300 Twitter followers but if he and Vance Crowe jumped on an unknown ag tech startup, would thousands follow?

That’s why the upfront cost is an industry concern. There are important metrics that have yet to be determined. Until then, it’s a worthwhile pursuit deserving of testing. MORE. What if you added strategic staff members to your influencer mix? MORE

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